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The Anti Hair Loss Industry and Baldness Treatments Available Today

A big majority of over 50% men are affected by typical male hair loss by the age of 50, because of which it is not a surprise that the current anti hair loss industry is pegged to be close to a massive US $ billion per year industry. Post the 1980’s, hair loss drugs approved by the FDA have managed to provide realistic options to patients to arrest and even reverse their hair loss. Furthermore recent researches and understanding of the role that DHT (dihydrotestosterone) plays in the weakening of the follicles has helped make treatments targeted towards binding with the DHT and thus prevent this hormone from affecting the bulbous root of the hair follicle. However, experts warn that many treatments marketed as baldness cures are ineffective aside from the placebo effect.

Male pattern baldness has become a huge issue for men worldwide and treatments for the same has been prescribed since time immemorial. From traditional Chinese herbs sold from non-descript Chinese tea houses to the modern day FDA approved treatments, it has been a big change of affairs for the sufferers of this embarrassing condition. Male pattern baldness can begin at any age and affect anyone from young to old. Though typical baldness is attributed to males mostly, in certain cases, it has affected females too.

Always remember that alopecia is not a problem that can’t be solved. Among the male hair loss treatment products available for arresting male pattern baldness are:




-Copper peptides

-Herbal treatments

-Laser therapy

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