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Upright Anti-Aging – Five Secrets for a Youthful Appearance

At the Friday night dance in my small town, an older gentleman showed up who looked very attractive to me. Now you must first understand that I am attracted to younger men, since I think, feel, and look much younger than I am. Why was I attracted to him? Simply because he had a youthful posture. Yes, he was in good physical condition, too, with a flat stomach and obviously strong, but he must have been about 80 years old and at the time, I was in my fifties! We danced a few times, his straight spine never curving down, but proudly bearing his regal frame.

Why are some people so young and energetic-looking in their later years? Many reasons, including nutrition, exercise, and most important – attitude, but posture is king. Just try looking in the mirror at yourself, standing sideways first, slumping. Do you look younger or older? Now, still standing sideways, straighten your back, pulling your shoulders back if you have to, just to see the difference. Big difference, right?

So, what to do if you’ve been slumping?

1. Look for a chiropractor or osteopathic doctor who specializes in posture. They are out there and their techniques will improve your overall health, since the spine houses the nervous system, the ruler of our organs. Ask for exercises you can do at home to improve your posture.

2. Every day, as much as you can, when you catch yourself slumping, think tall. Imagine you are a puppet on a string, pulling up from the top of your head. Then relax your neck and the rest of your body, arms, legs, back, and stomach.

3. Check out some chi-kung or tai-chi classes. It will surely help your posture, especially if you stay aware of it while doing the movements. Make sure you have your doctor’s okay.

4. Each day, walking through doorways at home, try this fun, relaxing exercise: stop and place your hands on the door frame about shoulder level, standing outside the frame, with your feet at the threshold. Then lean in as far as you can comfortably, and count slowly to ten. Try to do this three times a day. It will also open up your lungs according to my chiropractor! Check with your doctor to make sure this is okay for you to do.

5. Think regal, royal, how a king or queen might sit, walk, and stand. Well, a humble king or queen, of course. I think you’ll be a lot more relaxed that way, too.

Source by Debbie A. Johnson

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