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Breast Implant Rupture – What Do I Do If My Breast Implants Break?

Breast implants are not made to last forever. Most things that are not of origin from our own bodies can not last more than an expected period of time before they finally break down and rupture. The breast implant will rupture for a variety of reasons, most of which can be preventable but the good news is that in many cases this implant replacement is covered under a manufacture warrantee. The aspects of this warrantee vary from implant to implant so it is therefore important to discuss this with your cosmetic surgeon.

When the implant is first placed into the body, the body attempt to localize it and builds a capsule of scar tissue around the implant. This capsule is also very beneficial in the event of a breakage as if it is fully developed then the silicone, if used, stays in this capsule without any real side effects. However in some cases this capsule may be made too small by the body in which case it is known as a capsular contracture and it can cause the breast implant to rupture. Should the implant break as a result of the capsule then the surgery for this is known as a capsulotomy.

In the event that the implant has been over or under filled then this may also lead to an implant leakage. It is important to make sure you have an experienced and certified surgeon perform the breast augmentation as if the implant ruptures as a result of over or under filling then chance are that the implant manufacturer will not pay for the replacement surgery.

Sudden and excessive forces can also cause the breast implant to break so it is important that you refrain from anything that may put undue stress on the implants. This includes refraining from any extreme spots and in many cases you may have to refrain from participating in any amusement park rides as they can sometime cause too much pressure on the implant.

All breast implants today have a manufacturer warrantee attached to them for a specific period of time and they also include certain stipulations concerning the coverage of a replacement surgery. Make sure that you discuss this with your cosmetic surgeon prior to selecting the implant as it should be an important factor in the implant type decision.

Source by Dr. Jim Greene

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