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Make Your Breasts Grow Bigger

So you’re wondering how to make your breasts bigger and have fun at the same time? I compiled a list of some methods of breast enlargement that are more fun than plastic surgery and they all have worked for someone. Of course, some work better than others.

Banana Boobs. There are actually many people who believe that mashing up some bananas and putting the goo into your bra will cause breast growth. Testimonials say to wear as long and as often as possible. Be sure to use an old bra, and don’t grab the wrong one when you’re getting ready for that job interview!

Perk ’em up with Papaya. If you don’t want mashed banana in your bra, you could just add some papaya to your diet. This particular fruit is believed to enhance breasts naturally just by adding it to your diet. Maybe, maybe not…but it’s a sweet addition!

Go Herbal. There are herbal supplements that are often recommended to those wondering how to make your breasts bigger. You can usually find them in the vitamin section at your local grocery store. The most popular herbs are Saw Palmetto, Fenugreek, and Fennel. Wild yam is also pretty high on the list. There are also supplements that combine ingredients especially for boobs. Popping pills isn’t exactly a fun pastime, but it beats the scalpel and the risk of leaking implants.

Go for the massage. I’m not talking about an expensive Swedish massage at a spa. I’m talking about creams that you massage right into your breasts to give them a boost. The ingredients in these creams are often the same as in the herbal supplements. For more fun, enlist your favorite man to do the application for you. There aren’t many men who would turn down that chance to help out…it’s easier to talk a husband into touching your boobs that it is to get him to take out the trash!

Work those girls. There are some exercise moves that will build up your Pecs (chest muscles) and give the girls a boost from below. Building your chest will make them appear larger and firmer. If you are a workout queen, then just add some chest presses and butterfly lifts to your routine.

No matter which method you choose, deciding how to make your breasts bigger is the hard part. The easy part is just doing it!

Source by Hilary J. Dale

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