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Best Orgasm Positions – Guaranteed Pose to Massive Pleasure

It sounds unfair, but orgasm doesn’t come easy for women. Nearly 70% of American men reported “always” manage to orgasm during sex, while just 30% of American women said the same. (Source: ABC News). If you truly want to satisfy your partner in bed, try the following proven positions that guarantee the “Big O”:

#1. Oral Sex Position

Actor Ron Jeremy (the guy who is famous for his 9 inch member) once said: “more women have gotten off with my tongue than with my penis.” In reality, some women can’t orgasm during intercourse. On the other hand, many love oral sex as it “always” delivers orgasm. Try the following technique to give her great climax via oral sex: gently stroke your tongue around her clitoris, urethra and vaginal opening. Keep it slow and gentle to make her relax and allow her to enjoy the sensation. As she is getting aroused, drag your fingers to the front wall of her vaginal to rub her G spot. Massage it slowly and firmly. When you feel the wetness drench your fingers, gradually increase the speed and pressure until she reaches orgasm.

#2. Torrid Tabletop

The biggest complaint with traditional missionary position is many women can’t orgasm with man on top. A modified version called Torrid Tabletop takes sensation to new level. In this position, you assume standing position. She lies down on a table and positions her buttock near the edge. You enter from front and put her legs on your shoulder for deeper penetration. This position set your hands free to fondle her breast and clitoris for double stimulation.

Tip: To increase the odds of achieving simultaneous orgasms, try lifting her buttock with your hands.

Foods for thoughts: When you want to climax, the simplest positions are often also the best positions – Dorian Solot (best selling author)

Source by Ian Lee

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