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Simple Solutions for Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is a common problem this days, you don’t even need to be in older years to face hair loss. Thankfully, there are lots of solutions for this problem nowadays. Like any other problem this require the identification of the cause to be solved. In case of hair loss you need to regrow your hair.

There are lots of reasons which causing baldness, including lack of nutrients, chronic illnesses, low blood circulation in the scalp, prescription medications and others.

60% of men losing hair because of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This hormone blocks the hair follicle cells and weakens them till they die. This is the reason why you have a receding hair line. To solve this problem obtain and use saw palmetto.

You need to take 1,500 mg of this herb everyday to get an effect. By using saw palmetto you will halt the production of DHT in your body. Many dermatologists consider this herb to be the number one natural treatment for loss of hair.

Another simple solution for hair loss treatment is a green tea. All you need to do is drink 3-4 cups of tea, or if you don’t like that way consume some pills daily (green tea is also available in capsules).

It would be a good decision to add some vitamins to your diet, such as B-vitamins which are considered best for the treatment of hair loss. One of them is Biotin. Biotin feeds your follicles and helps you to restore your hair in natural way.

Another is a powerful combination of treatments that include all types of hair loss and have a capacity to absorb properly in designated areas where treatment is absolutely necessary. Some Provillus also have products that block the essential baldness by reducing the formation of DHT, which is the main reason why most of men are bald. A better product is to begin must be a remedy for hypertension and have been transformed into a tropical application to shock and stimulate the hair growing follicles.

Source by Uliya Malinovskaya

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