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Flat To Fem Male Breast Enlargement Program – Does It Work?

The Flat To Fem male breast enlargement program was created by herbal treatment specialist, Lucille Sorella. This program is a variation of a natural breast enhancement program which Lucille Sorella created for women (and for herself). The fact that so many males used her original program and reported excellent results, prompted her to create this unique program which is made specifically for males.

The Flat To Fem program is an ebook which contains specific guidelines regarding diet, sleeping habits, special herbs, self-message practices which are meant to induce and accelerate breast growth.

How is it supposed to work?

The fact is that male breast tissue is similar to female breast tissue. This means that with the proper stimulus, there’s no reason why a feminine breast growth cannot be started in a male’s body. Flat To Fem works by teaching you how to use special herbs, nutritional supplements, and self administered breast message to induce breast growth. The average breast growth over a period of six months is 2 cup sizes. However, there have been cases of even greater growth and this is mainly determined by genetic factors.

Does it work?

To this day, Flat to Fem has been used by thousands of males. There are many testimonials of males who swear by this program.

How Does It Compare To Other options?

Flat to Fem is the most affordable male breast enhancement product on the market today. However, it is more difficult to use than simply taking breast enhancement pills. You will have to learn and apply the program on a daily basis (around 10 minutes each day) in order to make maximum results. The results can be impressive.

Source by Jasmine Dawkins

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