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Beating Hemorrhoids – The Non-Surgical Way

Hemorrhoids can be a painful story that hinders many activities and pleasures of life. When the condition is medically advanced, it might require the intervention of a professional. But the good news is that the solution does not always have to be surgery. There are non-surgical hemorrhoids treatment processes to relieve the pain and ease the patient from the grip of this ailment too.

Injecting the Vein

This is a simple procedure of injecting the swollen vein. The blood flow is curbed, usually using rubber bands and this will cause the collected blood and mucus to be safely released, most probably using the process of suction. The procedure does not cause much pain and is usually used to treat grade 2 and grade 3 hemorrhoids.

Infrared Photocoagulation

The main principle remains the same as that of the previous procedure. A laser beam or an infrared photocoagulation is used to stop the blood flow to a particular area. Thus, the hemorrhoid dies without blood flow and is safely taken out. The disadvantage with this process is that in case of multiple hemorrhoids, only one can be treated at once. It takes a gap of around a fortnight for it to heal and become safe for the next one to be treated or removed. One disadvantage of this treatment is that the laser might cause damage to the cells that are around the targeted area though it is said to be effective than the previous one.

These are currently the main procedures that treat this condition without requiring a surgery. They are usually less painful than the surgical procedure and quite effective too. To choose between the two one must research well, talk to medical professionals and, if possible, people who have undergone the treatment. This will help in creating clear ideas using facts so that the best option can be chosen.

What to Look For When Going for Non-Surgical Hemorrhoids Treatment

• Not all doctors know exactly what and how to go about with these treatments as they are relatively new. It is essential to choose a professional who is well trained in these, and preferably experienced as well.

• Consider choosing a good reputed hospital as well. The area where the treatment will be performed is a sensitive one and choosing a place without enough medical facilities might end up in unnecessary complications.

• Usually, most people experience a mild case of hemorrhoids that goes away with proper care and a few home remedies. Only after consultation with a doctor should one opt for the treatments.

• After the treatment is over, follow up should be religiously done and the advice given by the doctor must be strictly followed. The wound will be healing, and this stage requires high levels of care.

For some, surgery may really be the better option. Whatever it is, a medical expert can always make well informed decisions on what is right. It is recommended to take a second opinion when in doubt.

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